It’s so fluffy!

Flanders Moss NNR and Blawhorn Moss NNR

Nothing going on here. Just some gratuitous pictures of some Flanders Moss cotton grass.

This time of year is fabulous at Flanders and also Blawhorn. The dancing seed heads of the 2 types of cotton grass cover the mosses in a fluffy white carpet.

And it is a seal of approval for our management of these bogs. It gets better each year as the work we do to restore the water table and make the bog wetter kicks in then the cotton grass spreads, the cotton grass favouring the wetter bog over the dry loving heather. Only a few lucky local people are getting to see it this year so far, so in the meantime immerse yourself in fluffy central.

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1 Response to It’s so fluffy!

  1. Ladylanders says:

    Cotton grass – wonderful stuff! Makes your eyes twinkle on a sunny day like today, a sea of bobbing, fluffy heads. (Quite missing my visits to Flanders this year 😦 but good to know it’s all still going on and will still be there when we can all get back).


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