Thornhill Photography Competition

Flanders Moss NNR

News below of a Thornhill photography competition. By my estimate Flanders Moss (or at least the east end of it) is within the 3 miles radius so all those photographers out there this might be worth a look!

The new Thornhill Community Website is holding a photography competition with the theme Thornhill Now to show life in Thornhill- and to make our own historical mementos of the future.

We are looking for your original photos of life in and around Thornhill in the present day- this could be landscapes, buildings, objects, animals or people at work or play.

The best entries will be published on the website and the winner of each age group will receive a prize.

• your photo should be taken by you.
• your photo should be of Thornhill or within a 3 mile radius
• your photo should be previously unpublished
• people appearing in your photo must give permission for print and digital publication.
• all photos published will be fully credited
• photos should be submitted by 30th June 2020

How to take part:

  1. There are 2 age categories: 16 years and over; and under 16 years
  2. You may enter as many photos as you wish
  3. Send a digital copy of your photo in .jpeg file format to:
  4. Please write “Thornhill Now Photo” in the subject line
  5. The file name of the photo should include your surname
  6. Attach the photos to your e-mail and include your age, name, address, telephone number in the message
  7. Regrettably we cannot accept printed copies of photos

Thornhill Community website here.

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