Its just got bigger! – Great news for Blawhorn Moss

Blawhorn Moss NNR

Over the last couple of years we have been discussing with our neighbour about including a bit of his land into the National Nature Reserve at Blawhorn. And this week we were pleased to announced that we have done it. The reserve has now been increased by 20% with an area of peatland plus a bit of wetland added.

This has greatly increased the biodiversity of the reserve, we are already identifying new species and there are plenty more to be discovered. But this isn’t just about redrawing a line around patches of land. The peatland on the new ground has been ditched in the past and is in desperately in need of some restoration work. We hope to be able to start to dam the ditches, bring the water table back to the surface and increase the area of bog habitat. Some of this work will be done by staff and contractors but there will also be a chance for volunteers to get their hands dirty and help with this important work.

Another aspect of the agreement is that we have permission to develop a network of paths. The current path at Blawhorn is a little limited but we can now start work on creating a variety of circular paths which are much more satisfying to walk. One of the outcomes from Lockdown is that more local people discovered Blawhorn during their daily exercise so we hope that they will return and lengthen their walks on the new paths.

When you work on nature reserves these sort of opportunities to expand a nature reserve come along very rarely. So Steve, Ellen and I are having great fun exploring the new area and coming up with plans on what we can do on the new land. Of course we will keep you up to date on any progress on the blog here.

The news was released with a press release on the SNH website here.

An nice article about the reserve extension appeared in the Herald here.

And there was even a Parliamentary Motion (Motion S5M-22272) lodged at the Scottish Parliament here . Great to see Blawhorn being praised in the Parliament.

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