Mothy Monday morning meeting

Stirling NNRs

The team is now getting into a routine of working from our workshop base and getting back out onto the Stirling NNRs. We have got lots done already, in the few weeks that we have been back, the reserves are certainly looking a bit more cared for and we have been getting around the 1200 ha that make up the 3 reserves.

As the SNH Stirling office isn’t open we meet each Monday at our workshop (outside and socially distant) to plan the week. To lightened the meeting I have been setting a moth trap the evening before so we can go through its contents during our Monday get together. A great way to start the week, by engaging with nature, doing a bit of citizen science and increasing our knowledge. Maybe all meetings should be based round a moth trap?

Large emerald
White ermine
Elephant hawkmoth
Peppered moth
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