Dragonfly hotspot gets boards on boardwalk

Flanders Moss NNR

Four-spot chaser

Flanders Moss is a great place for dragonflies with plenty of pools and ditches and wet bits that they like for breeding and lots of insect inhabitants that they like to eat. It is also a great place for people to see dragonflies as the boardwalk winds its way through blocked ditches and pools allowing poeple to get close while keeping their feet dry.

Northern emerald

For this reason it has become one of the British Dragonfly Society’s (BDS – more info here.) dragonfly hotspots.

And now as people wander around the boardwalk there is a new set of display boards that allow visitors to learn about dragonflies as they go. Eight boards tell you about some of the key species found on Flanders – common hawker, black darter, four-spot chasers and emerald damselflies amongst others. But you can also find out why the bog is so good for dragonflies and getting better, the weird life cycle of these striking insects and how they are monitored.

Even the dogs are reading the boards.

The display should be up all summer so if you are heading to Flanders why not pick and nice sunny day and then you can mix reading about dragonflies while seeing the real thing. What better way to learn?

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