Our volunteers are back!

Now we’re able to get back to work on the three NNRs, we’re starting to tick off the list of maintenance and habitat management jobs that were steadily building up during lockdown. We are absolutely delighted to have the help of our volunteers for these tasks and to be able to catch up with them after so long. The volunteers have quickly adapted to new ways of working with social distancing and have already completed some much needed maintenance work. Last week we filled in the potholes along Flanders Moss driveway and this week we repaired grazing fences on West Moss Side. These are both pretty physically demanding jobs but as usual our volunteers weren’t put off and got straight back into the hard work.

The NNR team are so grateful for the work that the volunteers do as their help really is vital to the running of our NNRs. Our Wednesday volunteer sessions were always the highlight of my week so it’s great that we can finally welcome the volunteers back!

For a short period of time we won’t be recruiting new volunteers as we adapt to comply with social distancing rules but please get in touch with us if you are interested in volunteering and we will be back up and running soon. We cover a wide range of activities across three NNRs, from practical conservation work, such as invasive non-native plant removal and scrub clearance, to tasks that improve and maintain visitor access and facilities.

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