Sit, relax, record on the contemplative spur

Flanders Moss NNR

The bench on the stone slab path at Flanders is a fine place to just sit and take in the wild land and nature that is all around. We have unofficially named the spur path the ‘contemplative spur’ as we often see people settle down and stare across the moss. Set away from the main path it gives a chance to slow down, let your mind wander and focus on what is around you.

Well, if that is you, there is now a chance to actually record your thoughts, sightings and inspiration. We have just installed a large wooden box next to the bench and inside is a book (in a plastic box to keep it dry). We hope that visitors might feel comfortable to share what they see and think to enlighten others. Prose, poems, rap, limericks or just single words. Whatever Flanders inspires in you. We just ask for it to be polite, friendly and positive.

We, the NNR team, know how Flanders make us feel, and share here much of what we see. Bogs are very different places and Flanders is one of the best of them, giving visitors a taste of a wild landscape in the middle of central Scotland and an escape from everyday life, if only for a short while.

But we are fascinated to see what others will record. We hope it will inspire people with a special feeling for Flanders, first-timers or regulars, to become more creative and put it out there, so inspiring others. And we will share the best of it here.

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