Boardwalk safari

Flanders Moss NNR

Flanders Moss is a really special place, home to some amazing wildlife. If you’ve never visited the reserve before you might like to find out what kinds of plants and animals you can expect to see on your visit at this time of year.

Well luckily, we have created a virtual boardwalk safari so you can do just that! As we are unable to run guided walks at the moment, due to covid 19 restrictions, this virtual tour of the boardwalk will show you some of the incredible wildlife we have on the reserve, like lizards and dragonflies, and tell you exactly where to look out for them.

We hope you enjoy your boardwalk safari!

Find out more about the reserve and how to get there here.

Let us know what you see on your visit by tagging us in your photos on instagram and facebook and by recording them in the new bog book!

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3 Responses to Boardwalk safari

  1. Norman S Still says:

    Brilliantshort video, it is truly a wonderful place to visit and to climb the tower in the evening.

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  2. David McCulloch says:

    It’s just like being there! (although I’m quite glad that man with the guitar doesn’t follow people around the boardwalk). The damselflies at 2:40 are blue-tailed damsels, not common blues. In fact, I’ve yet to see a common blue on my surveys. They may be there, but not when I’m around…yet. The main blue damsel I’ve found at Flanders is the azure damsel.

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  3. peigimccann says:

    Wonderful, I was able to walk Flanders again despite my flight to Scotland from California being canceled!

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