Words in the bog box – feeling the love

Flanders Moss NNR

The bog book has only been out on the moss in the bog box for a couple of weeks but visitors have been finding it and sharing in it. No poems yet, or rap, but certainly some poetic writings.

Here are just a few of the comments written in the book.

The NatureScot team spend a lot of time on Flanders but we don’t always see people or hear positive feedback on their visits. So for us it’s incredibly rewarding to find how much people like and enjoy the Moss.

And it is clear that people really appreciate Flanders Moss. They have enjoyed being there, seen loads of wildlife and benefited from a visit. Peace and tranquility are regular themes, as is escaping from everyday life. The comments also reflect that it is a place that family members of all ages can visit together and enjoy the natural history with each other – children, parents and grand parents. And people keep coming back: it is a regular on people’s annual programme, with children knowing Flanders as they growing up. Let us hope that these children are able to bring their children to Flanders in the future and find a bog in even better state.

Many thanks to all those that have commented so far.

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