Goodbye and thanks to Ellen

Stirling NNRs

Yesterday was Ellen’s last day working with the Stirling NNRs team. She has completed her year on the student placement but has now done extremely well to get a permanent job in NatureScot working in Argyll. Steve and I are very sad to see her go as she has been a brilliant team member on the 2 bogs… NNRs

At the interview process Ellen really stood out, she was head and shoulders above everyone else which is why she got the job. Being tall was the main selection criteria as it is so useful working in wetland sites. Since then she has done brilliantly, taking on the huge variety of tasks that are thrown at you when working on these sites. Standing on the marsh in the dark waiting for sunrise to count geese, sitting in midge cloud identifying moths, listening to me wittering on about the old days, putting up with the bog dog and his unusual habits – she has met all of these challenges with enthusiasm, an inquiring mind and a golden smile.

It hasn’t all been easy. She had to deal with lockdown and the difficulties of reserve management for a desk and has also had some unfortunate incidents on the reserves. Getting locked in the Isle of May visitor centre toilets for an hour was really unfortunate and it was just malicious gossip that this was done on purpose to avoid having to unload a freight delivery at the jetty. It was also just bad luck to get lost on Flanders Moss with Marijke, another one of the student placements, when slipping off for a comfort break. These things happen.

But despite these difficulties Ellen has made a brilliant contribution to the Stirling NNRs and left them in a better state than when she arrived and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. So Steve and I would like to thank her and wish her all the best with the new job, though I hope and expect that we haven’t seen the last of her. Thanks Ellen for everything and all the best for the future.

And as they say on some of those programmes here are just some of her best bits. (Mostly her hands featured in loads of blog posts holding all sorts of insects but we found enough pictures of the rest of her working away on the reserves to make a gallery.)

Ellen painting the stumps with herbicide
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3 Responses to Goodbye and thanks to Ellen

  1. Valerie Webber says:

    What a lovely blog , loved the bit about getting locked in the toilets on Isle of May

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  2. Phil and Sue Graves says:

    Best of luck. Loved the flattering (?) send-off and we’ll miss your enthusiasm.

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  3. ebirdnature says:

    Aww thank you for this! I’ve had the best year ever and I’ve learnt so much from everyone on the NNRs. Thank you for making it such a great experience. Best of luck to the new student placements 🙂 Ps. The photo where I look like Gollum doing the washing up will haunt me forever haha.


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