Peregrine disagreements

Flanders Moss NNR

I was out at the lochan in the middle of Flanders Moss recently and suddenly a right argument kicking off high above me. I looked up at the screeching and saw two peregrines giving a spectacular flying display. With a lot of noise the two birds dived at each other, at times facing off with talons raised until they separated and one followed the other off to the south. Peregrines are a regular sight out at the lochan, principally I think, because hanging out there are a group of feathered coated, food parcels called teal – the smallest of duck. If the teal take off in a flock it often doesn’t take long for a peregrine to appear and see if it can get one.

At this time of year young peregrines are dispersing from nests and trying to find their own territories and my guess is that this disagreement was a youngster intruding into an older birds space. Exciting to see but I hope the expelled bird finds somewhere safe and with plenty of food to set up shop.

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