Traversing Flanders artistically

Flanders Moss NNR

Ben Lomond is the distance

The middle of Flanders Moss is a very inaccessible places to visit. But very beautiful. For most people a long, hard, sodden trudge across a hidden, water filled ditch strewn landscape is not their cup of tea. So we are aiming to take the bog to the people…artisitically.

Yesterday was the first of many stages in that process. Three artists gamely agreed to the challenge of traversing right across the moss taking on on the walk a number of the sites and species that make Flanders so special. So Darren Rees, Kittie Jones and Graham Tristram loaded up with art supplies, and lunch and together we set off.

I had to pull a few strings but managed to organise a fantastic day’s weather with some of the best clouds you can see, some delicate autumn colours, 2 groups of red deer, plenty of pinkies flying over, some Sphagnum fuscum (a rare, firm brown bog moss) and a hen harrier. And no wet feet. It was a fantastic day spent on Flanders and I can’t wait to see the art works develop.

You will be hearing more about this project over the coming months and the culmination will be some artworks of the middle of the moss exhibited around the boardwalk at Flanders next summer. So watch this space.

Here are the artists at work out at the lochan – it is hard to find a dry spot to sit down!
Hen harrier – just flying passed the tree
The end of the day
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