Islands of dreams

Loch Lomond NNR

Steve on route.
Inchcailloch – out there somewhere.

Friday was one of those very lucky days where place, weather and season combined to make a magical day.

We had planned to head to out the Loch Lomond NNR islands to tick off a number of tasks. First up was Inchcailloch to meet a journalist to have a chat about the island for a walking article she was producing. Meeting at the boatyard we were confronted by a wall of fog making it difficult to see Inchcailloch, lying only a hundred yards away. Steve gently coasted the boat over the the island loomed out of the fog as if by magic. We were the first on the island for the day. Steve took Ceris and Bethia around for their first Loch Lomond island experience while I headed in the opposite direction. These are beautiful islands on any day but this day was special with a drape of autumn colours seen through a misty veil and a backdrop of autumn silence.

Lunch was taken at Port Bawn as that misty veil was gradually withdrawn by the sun. And then we headed across the straight to Torrinch. Here we continued the long running management of non-native plants – a bit of herbiciding of bamboo and pulling of rhododendron. Plus also a bit of clearing up of litter.

Approaching Torrinch.
Pulling rhodi regrowth
Bamboo regrowth about to be zapped.
Kids and their phones!

By now the mist had been blasted by the sun and the full majesty of Loch Lomond revealed. Mirror flat loch, sculptured islands and a backdrop of Conic Hill, Ben Lomond and the Arrochar alps. What an office. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. To be sure we will tell you about our next soaking wet, freezing cold day on the reserves as well.

Torrinch – looking East along the Highland boundary fault.
Looking north towards Ben Lomond and the Arrochar alps.
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  1. johntodaro says:

    Great to hear about your preserves and the work you’re doing. Lovely foggy images!

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