Marking the seasons with Steve’s favourite tree

Loch Lomond NNR

It has become a team tradition to try to get as chance to check-in on Steve’s favourite tree in the autumn sometime. A visit last week to Torrinch to carry out management works gave us a chance to meet and greet the aspen on the island. Though there are aspen trees all along the shore of about a quarter of the island it is probable that they are all suckers from the same tree – more info here. And come autumn, the colours produced by these suckers can be fantastic and a must see for the team.

And this year it didn’t disappoint. We were just a little early so only some of the leaves were starting to turn but what colours.

Observing nature and the year becomes a series of milestones marked by changing seasons, arrivals and departures, flowerings and seedings, appearances and disappearances. As we go into autumn geese, winter thrushes and leaves are some of our markers on the Stirling NNRs. For each of us these can be different, made individual by experiences, preferences and maybe family tradition. Anyone out there with autumnal must sees?

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