Flanders Moss Beef on TV

Flanders Moss NNR

Flanders Moss featured rather nicely last week on BBC Scotland Landward. Nick Nairn visited West Moss-side farm and talked to its owner Kate Sankey about her organic Shetland cattle herd that grazes the edge of Flanders. There is also some spectacular drone footage of Flanders. Follow the link below to reach the programme – the Flanders Moss section starts at 15:20 in and the session cooking the beef is from about 21:30.


You can find out how to get some of your own Flanders Moss beef through the West Moss-side website here.

There are 10 different landowners of the designated site of Flanders. NatureScot only owns about 12% of the National Nature Reserve and we currently work with 4 landowners to manage about 95% of the SSSI as a nature reserve. NatureScot working in partnership with landowners like Kate at West Moss-side is how we manage to restore precious habitats at Flanders Moss.

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