Happy Hallowe’en!

Flanders Moss NNR

If you venture out onto Flanders Moss, beware the centre of the bog. For here you will find a small and unassuming loch. But as darkness falls and the mist rolls in, who knows what may be lurking in the deep…

An ominous misty morning on Flanders Moss NNR

Perhaps you have noticed a small blue light, flickering across the marshes. Perhaps you have been tempted to follow them? They may be innocent enough – a phosphorescent glow caused by escaped gases of decaying plant matter – or they may be more sinister. Will-o’-the-wisps, small spirits intent on leading wanderers astray, may be attempting to trick you away from the safety of the path…

Or maybe you have heard a strange splash, a noise too loud and too out of place to fit with the peaceful autumn evening. Kelpies are shape-shifting spirits that can take several forms, but with commonly appear as tame horses by the water side. They will wait for unsuspecting travelers and children to approach them, perhaps hoping to rest their weary feet. But once astride their new steed, the rider will find themselves stuck. Unable to escape or dismount, the kelpie drags their latest victim into the depths…

The many spiders living across the marshes

And if you should go down to the moss today…beware what may lie beneath. Just as peatland preserves plant matter, so too will anything trapped under the ground be. Across the world there have been several accounts of ‘bog bodies’ – mummified remains found deep beneath the soil, thousands of years after being laid to rest, or left for dead…

If you go down to the bog today, beware of a big surprise
If you go down to the bog today, beware what spirits reside
For every ghoul that every there was, will gather there for certain because
Today’s the day the spirits come out

On Hallowe’en

A spiders web glistening in the morning dew
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