The wetter the better!

Flanders Moss NNR

If you’ve been taking your regular exercise around Flanders Moss this past winter, you will have noticed that wellies had become a bit of a must as the season drew on. Whether rain, snow or ice, the east section of the path regularly made for tricky navigation (unless you enjoy a bit of a splash around of course!).

Boardwalk or river?

From the perspective of reserve management, this is a really good sign – seriously! A central goal of Flanders Moss is to restore the peatland, allowing for the greatest level of carbon capture which is a vital component of climate change mitigation. To do this, we need more sphagnum for peat soil. And for more sphagnum, we need to raise the water levels. And what clearer sign of more water could there be than a pathway that was once dry now being regularly underwater!?

Wellies and walking shoes necessary on this reserve!
Who can tell where the boardwalk ends, and the bog begins?

Great news for us…but not so great for you, our visitors. After all, if you wanted to get all boggy and soggy like we do, there wouldn’t be a boardwalk there for you to use in the first place! Which is why we can happily announce that we have received funding to rectify the issue, and a team of contractors are now close to finishing their work on raising the wettest sections of the boardwalk that are currently flooding the east side, as well as those areas most likely to begin flooding from further rises.

We are very grateful for your patience while this work has been ongoing, and hope you enjoy being able to experience a more accessible – and drier! – visit to the moss again. Flanders is getting wetter, but there’s no need for you to get bogged down in it!

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