Middle of the Moss project – boardwalk art

Flanders Moss NNR

A great weekend has just gone, with the visitors out to see this years Forth Valley Artbeat middle of the moss art work displayed around the boardwalk and under the tower. Exhibiting artwork in an outdoor location and close to its original source gives the pictures a different impact to seeing them indoors. Why not vist and find out – the pictures will be up until Monday 16 August.

Many thanks to the fabulous artists below who were part of the project – it was a pleasure working with them and to see their stunning works of art.

Darren Rees (more here).

Kittie Jones (more here),

Fiona Clasen (more here).

Graham Tristram

Ellie Lawson.

Here’s some pictures from the weekend and a selection of the artwork.

Caroline the curlew getting some attention.
Rain coming
Kittie Jones
Graham Tristram
Kittie Jones
Graham Tristram
Darren Rees – Whinchat
Ellie Lawson
Fiona Clasen
Darren Rees – Redstart
Kittie Jones
Fiona Clasen
Darren Rees
Graham Tristram
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