Bringing moths and people together – the Moth Kota

Loch Lomond NNR

Our NNR partners at Loch Lomond, the RSPB, have a very interesting project running at present on their part of the NNR.

The Moth Kota, created by artist Hannah Imlach working with a group of reserve staff, volunteers and moth experts, is multi species artwork that aims to bring humans and non-humans together. It is a shelter-sculpture space set in the old alder coppice woodland part of the NNR, that has an ultra violet light and night-scented plants that draws moths to it. This then enables moths and humans encounters that gives people a close experience with these remarkable and beautiful creatures.

The structure is certainly striking, it is beautifully crafted and draws the eye in its woodland setting, and aims to give people an insight to creatures less often encountered while also encouraging a more enlightened connection with the natural world.

A kota (Finnish) or goahti (Northern Sami) is a space designed for sheltering and gathering where you can meet and share.

It is exciting to see art and science come together in a way that changes peoples perceptions of these special reserves and the wildlife in them. It is only by bringing people with us that we can do something together about the biodiversity crisis that is going on around us.

You can find out more about the Moth Kota project here.

And more about the artist Hannah Imlach here.

Hannah Imlach

To visit the RSPB Loch Lomond reserve more info here.

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