Wild butterfly car park

Flanders Moss NNR

At the Flanders Moss car park the wildflower meadow is looking at about its best at the moment. And the wildlife thinks so as well. The knapweed, meadow vetchling, sneezewort, tufted vetch and birds foot trefoil and blooming and the insects are loving it. Just add a bit of sun to the floral display and it comers alive. If you are visiting take sometime to just watch. The other day 20 mins with the camera revealed 7 different types of butterflies, some are blindingly obvious but others are tucked away on flowerheads away from the edge so take a bit of discovering. But all can be seen from the parking area. Below are just some of those using it.

Red admiral
A small white
A fresh painted lady
A stunning peacock
Another small white

And this is just the butterflies. There are also crowds of bees, bumblebees, wasps, beetles, flies, and hoverflies using the meadow. It just go to show the value of these wildflower areas to insects. And just for a seal of approval when we were checking out the insects a young hare appeared out of the thickest area where it had been hiding up while nibbling the various plants. Just plant wild and they will come.

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1 Response to Wild butterfly car park

  1. Anne says:

    These wild flowers come from the seeds planted earlier? Even if not, they are wonderful to see.


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