Reaching 30 with maturity?

Blawhorn Moss NNR

A strange site welcomed me at Blawhorn last week. A large no. 3 wobbling out on the Moss. I couldn’t work out what it was at first until I got the binoculars on it. Once I got up close I found that actually it was a large 30 but the 0 had deflated.

By the bench looking out over the reserve was the remains of a barbecue, maybe the two were connected and it was someone’s way of celebrating their 30th birthday.

Just for interest I looked up on the internet what the significance of a 30th birthday is, and found this quote.

“The 30th birthday is special. You are now officially a mature and responsible adult who has the necessary wisdom to make important decisions in life. “

Not sure if the birthday person fully appreciated this milestone of reaching 30 if this is their way of marking the day.

We will have another blog post coming up soon about the problems that these balloons cause to our nature reserves and the sheer scale of this form of littering. Watch this space.

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  1. Anne says:

    This post should be blown up and placed on a noticeboard where all visitors can see it.

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