Last glimpse of the year?

Flanders Moss NNR

While meandering across the Moss the other day I cam across this rather beautiful chap. I had a feeling that I might find one as the sun had come out and the air was quite warm so even though it was October there was a chance. And if you don’t look you don’t see.

Autumn can be a good time to see adders, not as good as the Spring when the vegetation is much shorter. They are basking close to their hibernaculum where they will spend the winter, charging up their batteries for the long dormant session. It just shows what remarkable animals they are that a cold-blooded reptile is still out in October when I was wearing a jacket!

At Flanders it is really important to know where the adders hibernaculum are. This is where the snakes are at their most vulnerable so by finding out the locations of the hibernaculum we can avoid these places when carrying out habitat restorations works.

Any adder day is a good day but as it might be a long time till I see another one, this one was very special.

(NB. picture taken with a telephoto lens to avoid disturbing the snake.)

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