Magnificent magnification

Flanders Moss NNR

Something new has appeared on the moss, allowing us all to take a closer look at nature (as long as it doesn’t crawl away!)

Inspired by something spotted on a recent wander, we’ve crafted these two new pieces of interpretation.

With the vision in mind, I enlisted the help of Emma and Steve to realise my dream of installing some magnifying posts along the Flanders Moss circular walk. We hand-crafted these from (almost) scratch – using some large posts we had in the workshop, some reclaimed Larch plank for the tops and even some aluminium plates leftover from a past project. The only expense was the magnifying glasses themselves.

It was brilliant to get stuck into an unusual practical project. It allowed Emma and I to get to know tools we’d never used before, and gain confidence in ones we’d already experienced.

The resulting posts have a rustic charm. At least that’s what we’re calling it! Straight edges are few and far between, but they work well. Do give them a go next time you’re wandering around Flanders – pick up a bit of Sphagnum moss, a garland of cranberry leaves, an obliging insect (if it’s safe to do so!) or even just amuse yourself with a close-up view of your own fingerprints. Go nuts.

Complete with shiny engraved plaque. Guess the Sphagnum species…?
Looking very photogenic in the setting sun.

Why not be amongst the first visitors to try them out this weekend?

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About Ellie Lawson, NNR Placement

Practical Placement on Stirling's NNRs. Enthusiastic about birds, butterflies, bogs, brochs... and the rest!
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3 Responses to Magnificent magnification

  1. Anne says:

    What an excellent idea!


  2. Ladylanders says:

    Lovely – well done!


  3. David McCulloch says:

    You’re definitely a craftsperson!


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