Jazz and Billy’s Favourite Walk

Blawhorn Moss NNR


This is voluntary wardens, Jazz and Billy Craig’s favourite walk at Blawhorn Moss NNR.

Walking a path I call the short red route as shown on the car park map. This walk doesn’t have a path;it is more of a trail breaking welly walk which can be very wet in places.
From the car park walk along the road to the metal gate on the right hand side of the road. Through the gate and follow the visible path through the line of broad leaf trees. Like Jazz, watch out for some of the local rabbit population. Continue through the wood until the “Walkers Welcome” post is reached then head across the rough ground towards the tree plantation and the pond. When the corner of the wood is reached the pond, known to generations of Blackridge kids as ‘the ducky’ will come into view.


Care must be taken near the edge of the pond as it is very soft and it is easy to lose your wellies very quickly, especially if you go over the fence. There are usually some wildfowl on the pond and the population increases as the summer approaches. Head along the fence line to the stand of pine trees where I once found a duck nesting in an old crow’s nest. From here head up the hill to re-join the main track at the moss main gate.

This is a great short walk which can be used as an alternative to the main track or be added to create a circular walk back to the car park.

Map showing route.

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