Bog cotton to cranberry – from the boardwalk 1


Flanders Moss NNR

It is peak bog season now. After what seemed a long winter this burst of (generally) fine weather has brought the moss into full summer with an amazing change. Though there isn’t a huge plant diversity on a bog there is still plenty of fantastic plants to see. All of these are photographed from the boardwalk so are there for you to discover.

Hairy cap moss – you can see why it got its name, the spore capsules have a lovely hairy pixie cap.P1060521
It isn’t a bog unless there is a beautiful car pet of sphagnum moss. At Flanders this is spreading following the restoration work we are carrying out there.
Nestled amongst the heather in some of the drier patches is the acid grassland loving flower tormentil. Look out for the 4 heart shaped bright yellow petals. P1060491

In flower at the moment but not for much longer is the cranberry. For a rather insignificant plant is has a striking pink flower. And this is what will turn over the summer into the berry we all know for our Christmas dinners. P1060461P1060463

And last but not least the bog cotton. It has been a stunning display this year of the fluffy seed heads. Last weekends hail battered it a bit but there is still plenty to see. Worth a visit just to see the fluff. P1060447

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