MSc students visit Flanders Moss

Flanders Moss, NNR

A couple of weeks ago we hosted the annual site visit for Stirling University MSc students who are about to study environmental policy and management. The number of students was close to 50 but thankfully for this field trip the group was split into two groups.

You will know from reading previous blog posts we can achieve a lot more working in partnership than on our own, so for this annual event which has been happening for years, we work closely with the adjacent land owner Kate from West Moss side.

Half the group met me in the car park for me to explain why Flanders Moss is important and discuss the restoration work which has been carried out.

Meanwhile, the other half of the group met Kate on the opposite side to discuss the land management on her farm which is farmed organically and with wildlife and habitat conservation principles since 1998.

Many of the students had some interesting questions and suggestions of possible research projects for Flanders Moss, which in all would not only help the students but help with the future management and further our understanding of the reserve.

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